Madera County 15 Year Fixed Purchase Mortgage Rates

Single Family/PUD | Owner Occupy | Credit Score 800+ | $400,000 Loan

Your rate/pricing results are displayed below. Please click on the column header more information. This is only a quote and does not reflect a Rate Lock Commitment. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice and cannot be guaranteed. This quote does not constitute a loan decision/approval or a commitment to approval a loan.

Credit received from chosen interest rate may be used towards all closing cost including but not limited to non-recurring closing cost, prepaid expenses such as escrow/impound account set-up, hazard insurance premium, and prorated interest on the new loan. Credit received from chosen interest rate may not be used to reduce the loan principal balance or refunded as cash at closing. Unused credit will be forfeited.

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Interest Rate Cost/Credit Estimated Closing Cost Net Cost Payment APR Like it?
  • Property tax and homeowner's insurance are not included in the estimated closing cost. Property tax rate may vary by county and/or when property was acquired.
  • Escrow fee of $500 on refinance loans apply to lender provided in-house escrow service. You may choose other escrow services and the fee may vary from one company to another.
  • Actual closing cost will be higher when you elect an escrow/impound account.

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