Mortgage Application Forms

Condo certification

Will need this form complete by your HOA for Condo financing.

Appraisal and Pre-approval Fee Disclosure

Up-Front Fees Disclosure. We don't charge Appraisal & Credit Report Fees Up-Front, except: We charge Credit Report Fee to issue Pre-Approval Letter.

Borrower Authorization Form

Signing this form allows us to check your credit, income and asset.

Tax Transcript

Signing this form allows us to verify your tax return with IRS. Please note: The name and address need to match exectly as your tax return was filed with IRS.

SSN Consent Form

Signing this form allows us to verify your SS #.

Statement of Information

Please fill up and sign this document; so, we can open up a title for you and to avoid last minutes suprise.

Credit Card Authorization

Please fill up and sign the form. We will only charge your credit card for Credit Report, Appraisal Report, Order HOA Cert (if any)...etc.

Acknowledgement of Received RESPA Booklet

Acknowledges that you did Receive RESPA Booklet.

RESPA Booklet

Loan Application

Sample of Loan Application, you won't need to fill up this if you already fill up an application online.

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